Port B|ポルト・ビー


高山 明|構成・演出

1969年生まれ。2002年、Port B(ポルト・ビー)を結成。既存の演劇の枠組を超えた作品郡を発表。観客論を軸に据え、現実の都市や社会に「演劇=客席」を拡張していく手法により、演劇のアーキテクチャを更新し、社会のなかに新たなプラットフォーム=「劇場2.0」を作ることを試みている。

Port B

Port B was founded in 2002 in Tokyo, by Akira Takayama. It is an artist collective which changes its composition depending on the specific form of the current project. Port B develops different artistic activities like installations in the urban space, tour-performances, experimental social projects, lecture performance and sight-seeing tours. The starting point for each project is: “What is theater?” It thereby expands the possibilities of theater and search new ways in which the theater can connect with society.

Akira Takayama|Director

Born in 1969, founded in 2002 the artist collective Port B. Akira Takayama develops projects, which go beyond the framework of the existing theater. He tries to expand the “architecture of theater” and establish it as a new platform in society, which he calls “theater 2.0”. He does so, based on theoretical considerations about the experience of the audience and by referring to the original meaning of “theatron” as an auditorium. In 2011 he founded the Think Tank “Port Tourism Research Center” and develops projects in the fields of architecture, tourism and urban planning. Takayama searches areas in society, to expand their possibilities and to enrich new constellations with help of his theatrical thinking.