Port B|ポルト・ビー


高山 明|構成・演出

1969年生まれ。2002年、演劇ユニットPort B(ポルト・ビー)を結成。実際の都市を使ったインスタレーション、ツアー・パフォーマンス、社会実験プロジェクトなど、現実の都市や社会に介入する活動を世界各地で展開している。近年では、美術、観光、文学、建築、都市リサーチといった異分野とのコラボレーションに活動の領域を拡げ、演劇的発想・思考によって様々なジャンルでの可能性の開拓に取り組んでいる。

Port B

Port B was founded in 2002 in Tokyo, by Akira Takayama. It is an artist collective which changes its composition depending on the specific form of the current project. Port B develops different artistic activities like installations in the urban space, tour-performances, experimental social projects, lecture performance and sight-seeing tours. The starting point for each project is: “What is theater?” It thereby expands the possibilities of theater and search new ways in which the theater can connect with society.

Akira Takayama|Director

Born in 1969. In 2002, he formed the theater company Port B, and since then has been producing installations, touring performances and social experiments utilizing urban spaces as a way of engaging with cities and societies across the world. In recent years, collaboration with those from other fields including visual art, tourism, literature, architecture, and urban researches has been the scope of his practice broadening further, and he has applied his theatrical philosophy and methodolody to opening up new possibilities in a variety of fields.