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Exhibition: McDonald’s Radio University @ Tokyo

Akira Takayama “McDonald’s Radio University”…/takayama-akira-mcdonalds-radio-u…/

McDonald’s Radio University is a project that transforms branches of McDonald’s restaurant across a city into lecture spaces, creating a citywide university which first premiered in Frankfurt in 2017. The professors are immigrants or refugees who have had to leave their home countries, and the students are people who walk into a McDonald’s and order a lecture along with a burger and a coke. The McDonald’s Radio University at MISA SHIN GALLERY takes place not in an actual McDonald’s restaurant, but in a re-creation of one. The professors include those who acted as Tokyo tour guides in Takayama’s New Tokyo School Excursion Project: Japanese Orphans in China Edition. In addition to this line-up, there will be lectures selected from the previous editions.